Jay Agoado

All In, For Kids

Dedicated to a Cause

After 25 years as a successful real estate agent, Jay felt it was time to give back in a big way!

Throughout his career, Jay has consistently set aside funds from each real estate transaction to donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital at the end of each year.  Although he had enjoyed giving with an open heart, he knew he could make a greater impact.  In February of 2017, Jay founded Project Kids Cancer Cure Guild and began to rally support from family, friends and numerous real estate professionals. After two collaborative  and exciting years,  Jay is proud to say “Our Guild is in the top 30 of the 400 guilds that support Children’s Hospital, and I plan to keep raising the bar each year.”

Jay explains, “Project Kids raises money and awareness to bridge the gap for funding clinical trials at Children’s which cost $6,000 per patient of which only $2,000 is covered by the National Cancer Institute.”  The Cancer Clinical Trials Fund which the Guild supports, is managed by Dr. Doug Hawkins, who leads Children’s cancer care and research team. Jay also added that “As a cancer survivor myself, I know the toll it takes and I never want to see kids suffer with this nasty disease.  Aligning with this incredible team makes me very hopeful and proud that I am helping so many kids.”

As with his real estate career, Jay’s passionate focus of helping people with life transitions has enabled him to achieve a high level of success. He happily shares that “Being able to give back has made life that much more meaningful.”

Jay is all in for kids!


Jay Agoado
Project Kids Cancer Cure Final

25 years in real estate
Seattle Native
Passionate about making a difference

750+ homes sold in the greater Seattle-Eastside area.

Hundreds of children, families, doctors, staff, researchers, and donors.